Abracode ClipMasterCM is a Mac OS X software solution for saving multiple clipboards for later access via contextual menu.
Every day you do a lot of copy and paste operations. If you frequently work with the same set of information snippets you might use a little help.
ClipMasterCM allows you to save clipboard content on your computer hard drive for later access. You may compile a collection of clips which will be available for pasting in any application via contextual menu.
ClipMasterCM does not interpret the clipboard content you want to save. You may have a plain text, styled text, pictures, movies, sounds and virtually any data that you use.
ClipMasterCM is a contextual menu plug-in which means that you do not need to run any additional applications and it will not take up any space on your desktop, menu bar or dock. All clips will just wait silently and invisibly until you need them.